Justices of the Peace like John Hose JP were the people's friend - no bail for bad crooks

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Collingwood was one of Victoria's busier police stations when I worked there 1986-88 odd.  And every single copper there knew John Hose JP.

Mr Hose (as everyone called him) was one of the most frequent visitors to the police station.  He owned a pub in Carlton which made him popular, but it was his community first volunteerism that marked him out as an extraordinary man.

Any hour of the day, any day of the year, Mr Hose was available to attend at the station, to hear what police had to say about a crook and then to remand the crook in custody.  All we had to do was go and pick him up in a police car.

There was a system that worked.  Justice was dispensed by people like Mr Hose who were close to ordinary people.  A better man than John Hose you would struggle to find.  Certainly heaps better than John Cain, Joan Kirner and the people who stuffed up the system that kept us safe.

Here's an extract from The Age 18 August, 1988.  John Cain was Premier.  His son is the former Maurice Blackburn lawyer who advised Gillard during The AWU Scandal and is now Victoria's Solicitor for Public Prosecutions.

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Mr John Hose, JP, is something of a legend among the Victoria Police. This Is partly because he never seems to sleep. He will crawl out of bed three or four times a night to hear remand cases and care applications. While policemen and offenders droop with fatigue around him, he will go from one makeshift courtroom to the next, dispensing late-night justice. The City Watchhouse and other Inner-suburban police stations are part of his beat It Is here that many of Melbourne's nocturnal offenders are processed, and many come before Mr Hose in out-of-sessions or night courts. Mr Hose averages more than ltN remands a year. Sometimes, because crime has no respect for sleep, he doesnt get to bed at all. On other nights, he might get two hours' sleep. But what makes this 12-year-old Carlton publican most unusual Is that he works M to 40 hours a week free the heaviest workload for a JP in Melbourne, according to police. On a "quiet" Saturday recently, he was called out eight times by state and federal police, start- cases or where a magistrate is not available. In all states, JPs have ancillary powers such as the witnessing of documents, signing of search and arrest warrants and the processing of ball applications. To become a JP in Victoria requires nomination by a local member of Parliament About the only prerequisite for the post is citizenship. The Royal Victorian Association of Honorary Justices has secured minor concessions from the Government that have prevented the office from disappearing altogether. Although no new justices have been appointed for the past 12 months, the Magistrate's Court Bill provides for new JPs to be named. The president of the association, Wing Commander Colin Chailis, said the first bitter pill for JPs was their removal from the bench. "I believe justices served this state very well as honorary magistrates. There were relatively few challenges to justices' decisions. We dealt with matters that were day-to-day. We weren't lawyers, but we weren't nongs either." ernment recently announced that it would review the function of its estimated 100,000 JPs. Lay justices came to Australia with the introduction of the English legal system. Justices of the peace were first nominated in England by statute in 1327, although keepers of the peace had been nominated from the mid-13 th Century. Initially, justices were responsible for taking indictments and holding the accused for trial by royal judges. In the 14th Century they were granted the right to try prisoners. By the 18th Century, their powers were set out by statute and included several local government functions later transferred to local authorities.

Matthew Guy is apparently the alternate Premier in Victoria.  He has a slogan.  Stuff the slogans Matthew, bring back volunteerism, get rid of bureaucrats and treat bad guys like bad guys.

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For Democrats "pondering" how to harness anti-Trump sentiment - click here

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 10.17.57 amBYRON TAU

WASHINGTON—One day after protesters denouncing President Donald Trump flooded city streets around the U.S., Democrats faced the prospect of turning the freewheeling day of protest into sustained popular opposition to the new president’s agenda.

Democrats, out of power and in the midst of an internal debate about the party’s future direction, said they were cheered by the depths of the opposition to Mr. Trump shown by large turnouts for Women’s March events in dozens of cities.

But party veterans said the key to any Democratic reversal of fortunes would be capitalizing on opposition to Mr. Trump, who enters office as the least popular president in the history of modern polling. That effort will take sustained organizing and outreach to people who haven’t necessarily been previously engaged in politics, strategists said.

“You’ve got a whole bunch of people who are leaving D.C. and elsewhere with a great, positive buzz and no real direction,” said David Axelrod, who was former President Barack Obama’s top political strategist and attended the Washington, D.C., march.



More of this

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Lots of this


Shorten at Bourke Street today - says "hoon" struck in "iconic place"

Bill, hoon understates it quite a bit.

Hoons don't line up person after person after person.  Hoons don't kill and keep on killing.

This bloke was driven by something more than the smell of burning rubber.

Hoon doesn't cut it Bill.

Melbourne mourns fifth car attack death

Updated: 5:35 pm, Sunday, 22 January 2017

- See more at: http://www.skynews.com.au/news/top-stories/2017/01/22/melbourne-mourns-fifth-car-attack-death.html#sthash.RHaBj1s7.dpuf

The man accused of the Bourke St massacre will be charged with multiple murder counts amid fears the death toll will rise.

Five people, including a three-month-old baby,10-year-old Thalia Hakin, 22-year-old Jess Mudie ad 33-year-old Matthew Si, were killed when Dimitrious 'Jimmy' Gargasoulas drove into the mall crowd after lunchtime on Friday.

The families of Jess and Mr Si have released statements honoring the family member's they lost in the tragedy. 

Jess is described as a 'bright bubble of joy' with an 'extravagant' sense of humour, who never 'shy's away from a challenge.'

 While Mr Ping is described as 'a devoted husband and a loving father, brother and son' 

Up to 13 other people remain in hospital, some of them still critical, amid grave fears the death toll could rise.

'They are critical. They're in a very, very serious condition,' Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews told reporters on Sunday.

'The fear is of course that the death toll from this evil act will rise.'

Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton says Gargasoulas had surgery on Saturday because he was shot in the arm during the police chase.

Victoria Police are still waiting for the go-ahead to interview him, and he will face 'multiple' murder charges once interviewed.

The 26-year-old was known to police and had been driving erratically around Melbourne after allegedly stabbing his brother much earlier that morning.

He had been bailed on an assault charge just five days before the massacre.

Mr Andrews said bail laws would be reviewed following the attack.

'We are sad, we are angry, and we are resolute in making the changes that need to be made to learn from this and to honour that three-month-old baby and to honour all of those who have lost their live here,' he said.

'To each family who's been touched by this, we send our love and our support and our prayers, knowing that it's not enough to heal the pain that they feel, but we send it anyway.'

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull joined Mr Andrews and laid a wreath at the memorial site on the steps of the old GPO in the mall.

'The loss of fellow Australians in such a shocking, wanton, criminal attack is a tragedy,' Mr Turnbull told reporters.

'Above all we are with you in love, and our thanks, our admiration, for the heroism of those who rushed to the aid of the victims.'

Opposition leader Bill Shorten also laid a wreath and said an 'evil, murderous hoon' had attacked one of Melbourne's iconic places.

A 25-year-old man and a woman, 32, also died at the scene and a 33-year-old man died in hospital on Friday night.

- See more at: http://www.skynews.com.au/news/top-stories/2017/01/22/melbourne-mourns-fifth-car-attack-death.html#sthash.RHaBj1s7.dpuf

Queensland's Labor/AWU/CFMEU Government making life easy for union cheats

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In its last session for 2016 the Queensland Labor AWU Government introduced the Industrial Relations Bill - you can read all about it in the Hansard here.


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At 7.44PM 30 November 2016 Mr Millar, the member for Gregory described some of the effects:

the cost of the IR Bill on small business and local government is absolutely astonishing. It would be more accurate to call this bill the ‘Merry Christmas Union Bill’. If there was ever any doubt that this government is ruled by unions, this bill removes that last shred. I encourage anyone who is taking an interest in this debate—and I encourage those opposite—to read the submission to this bill from the LGAQ. It states clearly that this bill creates a whole new system of industrial relations in Queensland that will not only shut down job creation but also actively lead to job losses.

In order to promote trade unions, this legislation deliberately ..............removes the rights of Queensland citizens to transparency and accountability. This is a government that is finding that accountability cramps its style and that of its mates.

Under this legislation, there is no more register for political spending, no more register for credit cards, no more register for grants and donations and loans. There is no more disclosure of political spending, no more disclosure of remuneration and benefits for the highest paid officers.

Why would the government do this...........? It is lining its pockets and those of its mates along the way—all paid for by Queensland workers who had no say in it. There is no way to resist, because this bill erodes the independence and the decision-making capacity of the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission. These are all deliberate choices made by this government and they should make Queenslanders very afraid. Like Victoria, our state and our public life are about to be thoroughly pilfered to benefit a few.


From the Courier Mail/Sunday Mail today - Des Houghton reporting:

CFMEU Queensland boss lives it up on official credit card

A QUEENSLAND mining union boss racked up thousands of dollars on his corporate credit card on charges including fancy restaurants in Las Vegas and Whitsundays cruises.

Stephen Smyth, president of the CFMEU Queensland branch, even paid dentist, plumbing and butcher shop bills with his union MasterCard.

During a stay at a Las Vegas casino hotel in July and August 2015, Mr Smyth paid $632.60 while dining at Maggiano’s ­Little Italy where customers fork out $63 for a prime New York steak.

While in the same town, Mr Smyth spent $466.80 at the Mirage Hotel’s Portofino restaurant where “world-class executive chef Michael LaPlaca gives an unforgettable modern twist to classic Italian foods”.

The card details obtained by The Sunday Mail provide a window into the lavish life­styles of union fat cats.

Last year Mr Smyth used his card to pay Cruise Whitsundays at Airlie Beach $1181.70. On May 6 last year his card was used to pay Spring Hill Dental $729.

Last week The Courier-Mail revealed an independent auditor has raised questions over the use of credit cards by executives in the branch.


And this from of all unions the Queensland Police Union


Finance officer Kelly Harris not charged after repaying $1 million he took from Queensland Police Union

POLICE won’t charge or even investigate a Brisbane rugby player who took $1 million from the Queensland Police Union, after his family repaid the debt.

The Sunday Mail can reveal former union finance officer Kelly Harris paid back the money believed gambled away on online sites.

The union didn’t make a complaint, so any criminal inquiry has been swept aside.

Harris’s parents sold their Rockhampton home for $450,000 in 2015 and it’s understood they moved into a cottage owned by a family friend.

Harris resigned from the union after an audit found the money went missing over a six-month period.

He has moved north and has been frequently snapped enjoying a beer on Great Keppel Island with his new girlfriend and child.

A spokeswoman for the Queensland Police Service said the matter was finalised and “any further comment should be sought from the complainant”.

Acting president Shayne Maxwell said the matter was resolved at the QPU annual conference in 2015.

However, a source said the lack of investigation was “alarming”.

“Somehow QPS did not commence proceedings. It’s a pretty alarming set of circumstances given the parties involved,” they said.

“In a lot of similar cases, an agreement will be made that if they pay back the money no complaint will be made to police.

“However, in my experience, the company almost always makes a complaint to police immediately after the money is paid back.”

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Video - Shadow AG Mark Dreyfus QC wilfully breaks law he's sworn to uphold

It doesn't get much clearer.  Thanks to Bill Thompson for the video.


And as many readers have pointed out - this bloke has form.

Don't you know who I am? By the time the plane landed, Qantas had withdrawn its complaint.

I have had so many notes from outraged readers on this story today - I know it was posted much earlier today on other sites, but if you've not seen it you may wish to let us all know how you feel here.

Police called after Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus fails to turn off his phone on Qantas flight

Read more at News Limited websites



QANTAS called the Australian Federal Police to deal with federal Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus after he failed to turn off his mobile phone during a flight.

The AFP confirmed today that it had received a request for assistance from the airline during the Sydney to Brisbane flight on April 23.

Officers met the plane when it landed at Brisbane Airport.

Qantas staff had told one of the country’s top lawmakers to stop using his phone during the flight for fear it could interfere with the aircraft’s systems.

But he refused and the airline staff called for help from the AFP mid-flight.

“The AFP has been advised of an alleged incident on board a flight from Sydney to Brisbane on 23 April 2013,” an AFP spokesman said.

“The incident involved a passenger allegedly failing to comply with the directions of crew.”

But when the aircraft landed the airline had withdrawn its complaint

“The AFP responded to a request for assistance from the airline when the flight landed at Brisbane Airport,” the AFP spokesman said.

“On arrival the airline advised no assistance was required.”

The Attorney-General's Office has confirmed the incident happened.

Subject for group discussion, "Do you have friends in high places to help with the get out of jail free card?"