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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Dear Waleed Aly - please repeat your claim in Royal Commissioner Dyson Heydon AC QC's courtroom

Dear Waleed,

Please front up to the Royal Commission and let it know about the folly of its "bizarre pursuit of the complete non-scandal surrounding the Australian Workers Union and Julia Gillard’s time as a labour lawyer". 

Waleed Aly


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Perhaps the most telling aspect of the now infamous thank-you note that ended Barry O’Farrell’s premiership this week is that it was sent so soon after his bone-crushing election victory. This was a man who swept to power thanks largely to the insufferable stench of corruption that had engulfed NSW Labor. Thus was Labor’s position apparently unrecoverable, and O’Farrell apparently invincible. All he had to do was stay clean.

And yet, there he was, personally accepting an expensive gift from compromised people, marking his gratitude in ink. I’m prepared to believe he genuinely has no recollection of this. But that only underscores the fact that he saw nothing remarkable about the exchange at all; that even as he must have been hawk-eyed about anything that even remotely connected to the corruption that destroyed Labor, he saw this kind of give and take as standard practice.

And on this score, he’s probably right. It’s highly unlikely O’Farrell has a uniquely malfunctioning radar, or that he is more corruptible than his colleagues. Au contraire, the truly remarkable fact is that the Liberals who have been so entangled in this Obeidian octopus have been those widely acknowledged as the best, the straightest, the most upright of them: O’Farrell and Arthur Sinodinos.

That tells us plenty. Not so much about the character of these men, but about the nature of the world they routinely inhabit. Until now, the story of NSW corruption has been presented as a thoroughly Labor one, backed at the federal level by the spectre of union corruption so vast it now demands its own royal commission. At every opportunity, the Liberal Party has sought to make this connection. Hence its bizarre pursuit of the complete non-scandal surrounding the Australian Workers Union and Julia Gillard’s time as a labour lawyer, or its constant references to the faceless men of Sussex Street upon Kevin Rudd’s knifing.

How the Government has allowed "made in Australia" to be rorted


Have a read of my column in today's Telegraph.

Thanks, Jason 


Journalists being held to account

I'm all for reporters having the freedom to ask politicians even the most uncomfortable of questions. 

We need our political leaders held to account.

The media's job is to be an early warning system but it should be held to account as well when it gets things wrong.


Give us back our ABC. Bring back our Aunty. Marxist cousins, not so much.

Diggers banned from having a drink in uniform on Anzac Day

You can fight in uniform.   You can prance in the Mardi Gras parade in uniform alongside all manner of costumes.   But if an old digger gives you a beer on Anzac Day and you're in uniform - "Escort and Accused, quick march, left, right, left, right - watch your fingers", SLAM!

Unimaginable - someone should ask this bloke how he feels about the raising of the glass.

If Channel 7's video doesn't appear below, click here for the story.




Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Stu of NT on Barry's Red Red Wine

On 2GB with Glen Wheeler today

Here's a link to today's segment with Glen Wheeler.

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