A few comments about the way that Slater and Gordon treated its client Mr Blewitt - getting his address right would be good, his name too might help
The second half of my chat with Ralph

A busy day for law and order in Melbourne

I met Ralph Blewitt at the airport in Melbourne this morning and have been with Ralph, police and lawyers all day.

I saw that Ralph's statements and recollections have been subjected to arduous testing by several lawyers and I have observed the process of drafting the statements that Ralph may adopt during his attendance, interview and statements with Victoria Police this week.

Neither Ralph, me, his lawyers or anyone associated with me is treating this matter as a media event.   This is a matter for the processes of law and order and the criminal justice system.   That is as it should be.

Finally I know that Ralph Blewitt has not received a cent for his attendance in Melbourne.   Ralph and I are sharing a room with two single beds in a club in Melbourne.   This is about something much more valuable than money could ever buy.


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