Couple of comments from me - setting expectations about the blog
This is real life. Ralph's voicemail message to me. Soon, the interview with Ruby his wife.

Support for our work

I posted my bank account details some time ago, I've been asked many times now to repeat that.

The work on this blog is all that I do now for a quid and as you'd imagine there are considerable expenses associated with the work.

I believe this work is a community good, in which we all have a stake.   I also think the investigation of The AWU Scandal is at a critical point where new information will be called for quickly and your views, guidance and access to information and critical thinking will be pivotal.

To all of you who have helped out, thank you.   You have a piece of this action and the solid knowledge that when this work is vindicated, you were there and did something practical to get the job done.

Account name    Michael Smith

Bank                    National Australia Bank

BSB                       084855

Account No        537650476