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This is for the brotherhood deployed against our nation's enemies in Afghanistan

Thank God for democracy and our right to speak freely.

That is an ideal worth fighting and dying for.   That's why our troops are closing with and killing the Islamists in Afghanistan.

I am pleased to learn and to report to you that our Department of Defence is not inquiring into the phone calls from the Brotherhood to their member Ralph Blewitt, in support of his efforts to tell the truth about The AWU Scandal.

Here is the official report from the Department of Defence.


Dear Michael  

There is no inquiry being conducted by Defence into alleged telephone calls from Afghanistan to Mr Blewitt. 

Kind regards

 Media Operations | Department of Defence

Russell Offices | Canberra ACT 2600
Phone: +61 2 6127 xxxx



Footnote.   Defence knows who I am and my track record both as a serving member of the ADF for 8 years ARA (plus further years ARES) and as a fierce and very proud advocate for the ADF in my work on the radio.   Amongst the greatest honours in my life was a request to compere the Welcome Home parade for the Task Force elements from Enoggera in Brisbane on their return home from active service in Afghanistan.   Leading the parade of all the men and women in uniform were 8 horses, riderless with empty boots reversed in the stirrups.   I knew most of the families of the men who were killed in action by the Islamists.

I value my relationship with Defence.   I value the Defence Department's respect for me  and I would like to say thank you to the team in Media Ops who have been so prompt and complete in making enquiries to get to the truth about this report.

And one last point.   Great democracies flourish when we as citizens can call for and immediately receive reports of truth like this one.   God help us if members of the ADF were ever subjected to secret, star chamber enquiries.   Members must be able to report their suspicions to trusted sites like this one, and they should know that I will go in to bat if their rights to free speech are improperly limited - and the fighting men and women must know that their political masters operate in the certain knowledge that if they try it on, we will hold them accountable.