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Follow up on Graham Perrett MP's latest piece of pornographic writing

Each to his own I suppose.   I've just asked myself the question, could I write a pornographic book?   Didn't take long to say no, I just can't imagine doing it.   What is there within you that you need to express outwardly in that very public way?   I can't picture it, or imagine it.   But it explains why his party chose him to write the 15 page letter about the Slipper/Ashby affair and to do the necessary, ahem, research into the matter.

The 'Minister for porn' is back as Graham Perrett pens The Big

MP Graham Perrett

Graham Perrett ... I wonder what he's thinking about when this picture was taken. Picture: Rob Maccoll Source: The Courier-Mail

THE Labor MP dubbed The Honourable Member for Porn over his first novel, Graham Perrett, has penned a saucy sequel featuring more explicit sex scenes titled The Big Fig.

But Mr Perrett, who holds the seat of Moreton, one of the most marginal
federal electorates in Australia, concedes he may delay publication until after
next year's election to save his political hide.

The Queensland MP famously threatened to quit politics if Julia Gillard was
dumped as Prime Minister because he believed voters, and not the ALP, should
decide who was in the Lodge.

Determined to give 50 Shades Of Grey author E.L. James a run for her money,
Graham Perrett has penned a new book charting the sexual escapades of a Catholic
school teacher, Lawrence Lalor.

"The main character does not take a vow of abstinence. That's for sure," he

"Certainly, the main characters failings have not been resolved. He can't
keep his pants on."

Mr Perrett's first novel The 12th Fish followed the adventures of Lalor, who
enjoys the sexual attentions of a married colleague and another woman when he is
posted to a small rural Queensland town.

Even his own mother described it as "way too rude, very vulgar."

But he now fears his part-time job as an erotic novelist could spell the end
to his full-time gig as a federal MP.

"In the 2010 election campaign a Christian group put out a flyer electorate
wide calling me the Member for Porn," he said.

"As erroneous as it was I am on a 1.1 per cent margin."

more: http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/books/the-fifty-shades-of-gra-ham/story-fn9412vp-1226484102340#ixzz2FpvpBsyK