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Get 'em while they're hot - Australian Government is currently paying $50,000 for fabricated claims

Reader Rod puts it perfectly - this crazy offer can't last - $50,000 payments are racing out the door - get in now while the getting is good - bring along your fabricated claim and you can redeem it instantly for $50,000 in cash!   Think your claim won't stand up in court?   Previous problems as a vexatious litigant?   Are you potentially motivated by a criminal politically motivated mastermind and his evil conspiracy?   Well don't let that stop you, bring your Statement of Claim Without Merit to Nicola Roxon Rubber Stamping Sheltered Workshops and you'll be on your way with 50 large in time for Home and Away and a tub of KFC.

Rod W said:                           

                                So let me get this straight ...   The government is calling Mr Ashby's sexual harassment claim against Mr Slipper "fabricated".  On what basis, then, did the government choose to settle Ashby's claim against them, relating to the same matters, (paying Ashby $50,000), when their own guidelines state that the commonwealth should not settle claims it believes it would win??? Only the Christmas season prevents me from saying some very uncharitable things about Mr Perrett and his puppet-masters.                           
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