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A sense of momentum

At the risk of self-indulgence I thought I'd post Retired Lawyer's blog comment in a post of its own.

Ms Gillard herself has nominated this blog - your blog - as the source of parliamentary questions about The AWU Scandal.

You've contributed 38,000 odd comments to more than 1,100 posts.   4.7M page impressions, a run-rate now of about 1.5M page impressions each month.   There are some very, very smart people who share their expertise on this place and I think that we are seeing real progress now and the message is spreading.

Thank Retired Lawyer for your many succinct analyses of the law and legal practice.   You've done it again today!

Retired lawyer said:                           
                                 Even if this particular investigation goes no further Michael, you have struck a vital blow for justice which must not only be done but must be seen to be done.
No longer can someone like the PM have the effrontery to brazenly assert that just because she is the PM, her word is better than Ralph's, or Bob's or yours for that matter. No longer can she arrogantly get away with saying that she did nothing wrong without candidly answering legitimate lines of enquiry. 
Had she not ignored her own Firm 's sensible procedures for notification of new matters so as to avoid conflicts of interest, had she not unwisely maintained a personal relationship of the closest kind with an officer of a client and then acted for him in his personal capacity without the knowledge of her partners in a situation where his interests appeared to be adverse to the interests of the firm's client, had she disclosed all these issues to her partners on a timely basis, then she would not have been found to breach her duty of utmost good faith to her partners and the  pickle she finds herself in today may well not have arisen.
Whether or not any of the forgoing conduct contributed to illegal activity on her part or the part of anyone else will be a matter for further investigation by the police and possibly a future judicial review. But irrespective of that outcome, as someone who always took my duties to my clients and my partners very seriously, just like the vast majority of my fellow legal professionals, it would be hard to conceive of anybody showing such a cavalier attitude to be less suitable for the high office of PM.