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84 Miners Strike

Winston Churchill said "If you're not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you're not a conservative at forty you have no brain."

Reader Andy has been prompted to reflect on his life and to compare it with our Prime Minister's.

Here's Andy in his own words.

Firstly I am 2 yrs younger than Julia Gillard, I was involved in a very 
politically motivated miner's strike in 1984/85 in the UK (the politics 
were foreign to me at the time) and I was a very active participant, as 
you can see from the attached pic.

When I looked at the picture of Gillard marching with the WAR'S my 
younger days came into my mind. I too was young and naive and brain 
washed into being an activist. Then I saw the picture of Gillard leading 
the Anzac march in Melbourne 2010, the gloves and shoes seem to be a 
statement of some kind, maybe even a secret code. The TV programme I'm A 
Celebrity sprung to mind, only because the celebs always had a secret 
signal for their supporters when in the elimination part of the episodes.

In any case, I fought against Margaret Thatcher and her government, 
Arthur Scargill (leader of the mine workers union NUM) was a god to me 
at the time. The whole point is now that I have matured, Arthur Scargill 
was a bloody commie using us as pawns for his own personal gain. 
Margaret Thatcher now has my full respect and probably was the best 
leader that the UK has had in decades. That is my story in a nutshell, 
what the hell is Gillards and why has she not moved on from her youth?

Please feel free to use my picture in any way that you see fit Michael, 
your work is awesome.

Cheers, Andy.