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CEO of the Year - Congratulations Mrs Gina Rinehart

Gina Rinehart CEO of the year
Mrs Gina Rinehart with members of the ANDEV Executive in Kuala Lumpur after Mrs Rinehart accepted the CEO Visionary Award for 2012

Thanks to reader H E for sending me the link from the IPA announcing Mrs Rinehart's award.  


H E said:
BBPD@11:44 am Funny how one is more respected outside one's own country: Gina Rinehart receives award for visionary CEO of the year.
Strange never saw this mentioned in the MSM here - unlike Swan's "joke" Treasurer of the Year award. Where is the balanced, unbiased and publicly funded ABC when you need it?

 I've just had a look at the website and the lovely photo of Mrs Rinehart and I wanted to add my own congratulations and thanks to Gina for her work.

Gina Rinehart is reported to have inherited about $70million when her father the late Lang Hancock passed away.

For so many people, that would have been the end of their working life.   Feet up, invested at a safe 5% per annum, $3.5M income every year - cruise the world, support charities, have a ball.

But not Mrs Rinehart.   She has invested, re-invested, taken risks, employed people and built wonderful businesses.

I am in awe of her resilience and continued faith in doing business in Australia.   Thank God for people like Mrs Rinehart.