Undies of Arrogance
I have unfettered power. And all those popular people from school are going to pay, you'll pay!

For the last time. A 10 minute chat with Ralph Blewitt. He tells me this will be his last public statement before entering the witness box.

This is a very important statement from a crook.   We don't need a court of law to tell us that 20 years ago, Ralph Blewitt was a con artist.   He told lies, he signed things he knew he was not entitled to sign, he got on the grog and ate at good restaurants with other conmen.   He hurt people, very, very badly.

And he knows it.   A genuinely remorseful person has a ring of truth about them.   You know it in your own relationships with your family.  Ralph Blewitt has to live with the knowledge and consequences of what he did.

He tells me that this will be his last public statement before he is brought before a court to answer for his crimes and to give evidence about what he knows of the crimes of others.

This bloke deserves to be listened to.   His is the model of a complex life, where selfishness and extreme selflessness are mixed in terribly confusing measures.

I wish him well for a difficult future.   I hope he finds peace.   Like Ms Gillard, the reality of life, of reflective solitude and contemplation of what it all meant awaits him.