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Ian with roads, investment and opportunity cost - Jenny MACKLIN style

Ian is another of our readers who is passionate about roads, particularly in his part of the world.

I'm reprinting Ian's email to me here in the belief that his arithmetic and understanding of road construction costs are about right.

What his thinking does is to highlight those decisions that good governments, businesses and people should make regularly - what else could I do with this money?   What's the cost elsewhere of spending money here?   And with the limited money I have, is this really a priority?  

Replace Macklin and the crew with something tangible.


Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen,

Further to my comments about roads and Politicians yesterday it is intriguing to learn that the former member of the Socialist Forum Jenny Macklin is currently costing taxpayers $2,490 per day (Daily Telegraph 3/1/13)

Imagine with your eyes closed for a moment what Jenny Macklin contributes to Australia for that $2,490 every single day.

Nothing positive that is for sure.

Now imagine for a moment a brand new 2 lane highway that costs about $3 Million per km.   Such a highway could replace dilapidated sections of the Barrier for example.

If taxpayers were to withdraw Macklin's $2,490 per day we could have 830mm of properly engineered, long lasting modern highway added between Wilcannia and Broken Hill every single day.  Doesn't sound much but it adds up to 302m per year.  Much better than what is happening now!

Looked at another way, withdrawing Macklin's $2,490 per day could provide 120mm per day of brand spanking elevated 4 lane freeway, complete with on and off ramps to bypass Albion Park Rail.  That is a handsome 45m per year.  Suddenly we are talking a tangible useful investment for the community.  Certainly better than what is happening now!

Imagine going for broke and getting rid of all freeloaders in the Federal Government and getting rid of the Department of Climate Change and getting rid of the Department of Health and Ageing's $67,000,000 zero halogen fit out of their headquarters?

Within a couple of years: new Barrier highway - done, Albion Park bypass - done and Nowra bypass including extra bridge -done!

It's not hard.

Best regards,