We will be OK, we are good enough to work out who's done right and who's done wrong
Undies of Arrogance

UPDATED It amazes me that Labor people still go in to bat for Ms Gillard when disloyalty is one of her key attributes

45 members of the Labor caucus voted in favour of retaining her.

You might read this QC's opinion from the former WA Corruption Commissioner Terry O'Connor QC, rendered a couple of weeks after Ms Gillard had this say in the Federal Parliament.

Perhaps this matrix might be helpful as you listen to Ms Gillard speak into the parliamentary record, the Hansard about her role in the incorporation of the Association.   Listen to her attack the opposition because it didn't have a copy of the letter she admitted to writing to the WA Corporate Affairs Commissioner - not that she didn't write it, that the opposition couldn't produce it.

Finally, as you listen from about 26 minutes in, wonder at the ease and free-flowing confidence with which Ms Gillard enacts the provisions of her agreement with Wilson.   "It was all Blewitt, it's Blewitt's signature, Blewitt did it." Breathtaking.   What a damned shame Tony lost his nerve and backed off.


One day they might wake up.  She is loyal to those around her like Dr Mengler was loyal to his experimental subjects.

She is also monumentally stupid, she put her own handwriting on the application to unlawfully incorporate the vehicle for the fraud, used a union's name without its permission, drafted the objects from her own Socialist Forum work - admitted doing all of that, then when one of the people acting in concert with her (ie Blewitt) goes public and fesses up, she says it was all him!   He did it!   Self-confessed.  

I remind you that she knew, she stated that Blewitt was there at her boyfriend's behest.   She said that she took instructions from her boyfriend to set up the association.   They get Blewitt to be the "name" on the sham application (at law if it was a sham then it's a fiction, it didn't exist, it doesn't matter who is on the form, let's look behind the sham bulltish story and see what was really going on.  Oh.   This was a vehicle to get money from Thiess into Wilson's control.   Oh.  OK.)

So back to the current reality.   On 29 November last year, Ms Gillard made a speech to the parliament and I've put a video of that up here.   Go to about 26 minutes in.   Ms Gillard starts to enumerate the allegations against her.   You might like to listen to her view.   Then go to 29.20 in.   It's breathtaking.   Ms Gillard says it was all Blewitt.   Blewitt did it.   Not me.  It was his name that got used.   Wasn't me.

Isn't that what she said at the time too, that it was Blewitt's name that would be used.  On the association.   On the house.  At her boyfriend's behest.   As a vehicle.  As a slush fund, or was it a workplace reform, or safety, or investment property, or union something or rather...................

That's what happens when you bulltish and expect a complex farago of lies told simultaneously by multiple people to hold together.   It's human nature.   The stories unfold, the truth outs, the guilty come under the microscope.