Nova seems to be a lovely lady and very capable. Shame she didn't get the job because of that.
Victoria Police confirm (again) that it is investigating a certain union scandal

It's all about merit

IT’S ALL ABOUT MERIT Prime Minister Gillard has defended her decision to dump, pleasantly plump, pasty-looking, long-time incumbent Senator Trish Crossin and replace her with a fit, well-tanned Nova Peris.
The Prime Minister today said that she had met with Senator Crossin on several occasions over the last 12 months to advise her that her work performance was unsatisfactory. Ms Gillard added that she had personally observed Senator Crossin in the hallways of Parliament House and seen just how hopeless she is at running the 200m sprint.
But what is worse is the fact that Senator Crossin is not a team player—her performance in the 4x100 relay around The Great Hall was utterly disgraceful. Ms Gillard said that Senator Crossin is an embarrassment to all of in the ALP. I have tried to help her as much as is humanly possible. During her employee appraisals, I have argued with her until I was black in the face, but Senator Crossin always refused to acknowledge her shortcomings. Once Nova Perris is installed as a Senator, I expect that government business will be carried out with more expediency. It’s all about merit.
Yes, thanks Effect for bringing that word picture to life for us there.   Patsy and Edina had a view about post-modernist race fashion some time back.   It was funny in the show.  Just a tad pathetic now when a caped misogyny avenger decides that Black is the new black.