What infected O'Connor's brain to alter it so he could say Abbott's fire-fighting was a stunt
The Labor/Greens coalition government and its criminal heroes

It's hard to properly describe the courage and selflessness of our volunteer firefighters

I have tried to put into words my thanks and admiration for our firefighters - it's very hard to fully put into words how I feel as you'll understand when you hear this attempt at appropriate thanks.

 This comment from Doubtful John speaks volumes

I spent six years on the Arson Squad, I investigated and witnessed bushfires. It takes a certain type of courage to confront a bushfire. It is more terrifying than being shot at. I can say that because I have been shot at and kept going back into those situations. I know that I don't possess the kind of courage to volunteer to face-off a bushfire. I suspect that the smart-mouthed fool who tweeted about stunts doesn't either.