Mal Meninga you are a legend.
We don't need the police, Ray Hadley has heard and determined the matter.

Need your help - Blewitt, Gillard, Wilson - who was calling the shots - and at whose behest


A person's orders or command: "they had assembled at his behest".
command - order - bidding - injunction - dictate



In the living, breathing document that is the truth according to Ms Gillard, Ralph Blewitt performs the role of boss of the Association, sophisticated property investor, writer of cheques and taker of accountablity, culpability, responsibility and the diversionary tactic while we fly off the South America.

But before The Truth got a couple of coats of all-weather, journalistic-elite varnish (trust British - or is he Scottish -  paints, sure can!) there was a simple version of the truth that satisfied Peter Gordon's enquiries.

Ralph never got those jobs on merit!  He got them on behest.   Julia sets out (probably proudly) how one behest from her boyfriend and bingo - new job for Ralph.

Could I ask a favour from you?   Now that you know that Ms Gillard really knew of the power of the Bruce Behest back in the 1990s, could you scour the records for latter-day instances where she's forgotten?   I recall some instances where Ms Gillard now states that Ralph Blewitt really was the actual (not behested) boss of the AWU-WRA.

Here's the bit of the record of interview that I'm talking about.

PG: Right. There is another fellow called Ralph Blewitt. Has he at all material times been Western Australian-based?

JG: Yes, he has. Bruce was acting secretary of the Victorian branch of the AWU so his substantive position was as secretary of the Western Australian branch. At some point, and I must admit I don't recall when, but some point past the transition to Victoria, he became permanently appointed as Victorian secretary of the AWU. Under the AWU's rules it's not possible to hold two elected positions, so Ralph became the Western Australian secretary of the AWU so, at Bruce's behest if you like, he filled . . .

(Half a page redacted.)