The Prime Minister's press conference today announcing she wanted an aborigine on the team
It's all about merit

Nova seems to be a lovely lady and very capable. Shame she didn't get the job because of that.

Nova Peris seems to be a lovely lady, probably very capable, very good athlete, great public profile - just the sort of person who would be a great asset to a political party.  

But we'll never know if she would have been selected on her merits, because Julia Gillard has done her a terrible disservice.   Julia Gillard wanted an indigenous Australian in the parliamentary team as the backdrop for speeches about Labor's nobility on the black-white split.  Nova got the nod.   Now she'll have to practice her smile while Julia recalls Mabo, Redfern, handing back Uluru and Tony Hodges taking one for the team on Invasion Day.

Fancy being a simple Senator for the Northern Territory who thought she was doing an all right job, only one day you wake up and you're not black and Julia wants black.