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Ralph Blewitt - what are his motivations?

In my time on the radio and now in investigating The AWU Scandal I've found that the best question I can ask any person I'm dealing with is, "What's your motivation?"

Why is this person talking to me?  What do they want to achieve? It's often a difficult question to answer, even when posed to yourself.

To the best of my judgement, I believe Ralph Blewitt when he says that he wants to confess - completely - to what he did wrong in The AWU Scandal.   Other than memory lapses, I've not got the sense he's holding out on me.   His version of events is reconcilable with documents an it just rings true.  

I believe him when he says that he wants to see justice done.   I've seen him grow with the courage of his convictions.   He strikes me as not holding back, and if there's any confessing to be done, he's keen to do it. 

Plenty of other people involved in the scandal aren't so forthcoming.   Let's save the opprobrium for them.   Ralph didn't need to speak publicly, the offences were written off, he'd never face justice for what he'd done if he shut up about it.   But he didn't shut up.   He's speaking publicly without immunity from prosecution and without being paid for his story.

Those of us interested in knowing the full story owe him a great deal.   I hope that's reflected in the way that the criminal justice system deals with Ralph - we'll see.   I'll try to do a better job on this blog of getting him to tell his story and to account for inconsistencies and I really appreciate your help in sending in the sorts of questions that could help him to do that.   And I'll try to do a better job of weeding out the blog comments that aren't helpful.

Let's let others have the smear campaign and really try our best here to get to the truth.   And to recognise the immense value to our community of an insider in the fraud who's decided to speak out.