Ralph Blewitt - what are his motivations?
Why would anyone think Julia Gillard able to improve any government service?

Rob has said what a lot of people are feeling

Rob said:                           
                                This is getting a bit silly. Are people seriously suggesting mcternan is posting as 'michael'? How on earth would anyone know that? Michael smith- you need to moderate these comments more closely. This site is turning into a conspiracy theorists playground.  I suspect the traffic on this site has gone down lately. You might be able to attribute some of it to xmas and new year but I think theres more to it. the evidence is out there,the police are looking into it..all this speculation and conjecture while we wait for charges or not is turning this site into a bit of a circus. take back control michael. I know you appreciate the commens made by losters but frankly they come from a handful of people. The rest of posters I feel are taking away from your arguments and credibilty,not adding to it.
Thanks Rob, I needed that!   I will be a lot less tolerant of the way-out-there scenarios and manifestly absurd devil's advocacy.   It will be my judgement calls folks, take it or leave it!
And don't for one moment think this matter is stalled with authorities.  Lots of things are happening.
Traffic is back up beyond business-as-usual levels - the day before yesterday was 60,000 odd.