It's hard to properly describe the courage and selflessness of our volunteer firefighters
The way we are changing, things that would have been outrageous are now normal, like fraud and forgery - ring any bells anyone?

The Labor/Greens coalition government and its criminal heroes

I suppose it's no surprise that Milne/Rhiannon and Gillard (tacitly) idolise people who break the criminal law to disadvantage mining companies.

These lousy, selfish do-as-I-say types just refuse to see the connection between capital investments and 5 King Gee workshirts on the clothes-line every week at a family home.

If you live in fantasy land where everything is a poster, brochure or a slogan then real things like making money don't matter.   Money is free, you get it by filling out the right form.   

Milne and her people have extracted from Gillard a $10 billion "Clean Energy Finance Corporation" fund.   A plaything for them.   But it's not monopoly money.   It's real.   Christine Milne and her ilk don't live in, come from or have any apparent understanding of the role of money in a healthy economy.   Money should make jobs that make money that makes jobs and so it goes.   I am yet to see a single instance of a government-backed Greens scheme that does anything with money except produce videos and slogans.

We are in strife and I don't think we really grasp how serious it is.   $10 billion for Milne and her ilk to hand out.   I'd imagine a funding submission from the Jonathan Moyland coal-mining-capital-destruction corporation might be well regarded.   Instead of forged press releases, imagine how much destruction Moyland and his type could wreak with a few billion.

It's happening, the legislation for Milne's plaything has been passed.   It's only the economy and our way of life that's at stake.