Need your help - Blewitt, Gillard, Wilson - who was calling the shots - and at whose behest
We will be OK, we are good enough to work out who's done right and who's done wrong

We don't need the police, Ray Hadley has heard and determined the matter.

I know that many of you have used some of your time listening to Ray Hadley as he gives you his opinion about The AWU Scandal.

I've received a great deal of correspondence from my readers,  many of whom have received notes from Ray Hadley.   I'd commend Ray for his speed in getting back to the listeners who've written to him.   

Here's a typical note, from Ray, to a listener.

From: "Ray Hadley" <>
Date: 23 January 2013 3:47:02 AM ACST
To: "
Subject: RE: Feedback


It's an old story and very's going no-where....There are
accusations, the PM denies them and basically there's no proof of an
illegal act.

She was immoral and acted poorly as a lawyer but didn't break the law.



Ray is wrong.   There's plenty of proof, it's being collected now by some of the finest detectives on earth.   It will take time, it's a huge investigation, there are presently countless witnesses to be found, interviewed, statements taken and that evidence collated for presentation to a court.

I am the original complainant in the matter.  My originating complaint named a surviving person as the offender, Julia Eileen Gillard.   As the complainant I can report that I am completely satisfied with the response of Victoria Police to my complaint.   It's a much stronger response, with much more resources being applied to it than I would have expected.   

I am immensely impressed with 2GB's coverage of this matter. Alan Jones has done more reading, analysis, interviews and in-depth research into this matter than any broadcast journalist I know.   While Hedley Thomas originally had the wrong end of the stick on the matter, he has more than made up for the early mis-step with his detailed research, reading, interviewing and analysis presented in The Australian newspaper.

Ben Fordham has been a gutsy, selfless young broadcaster at 2GB, he put a good deal of his credits with his bosses on the line by following The AWU Scandal and interviewing me on his show.   Chris Smith too has changed his opinion as new evidence has emerged.

The investigation into Ms Gillard and her network is a community good.   It should run its course.   It does us no good for a cheerleader like Ray to pre-empt the investigation.   Good detectives are not fooled by Ray's statement that their investigation into Ms Gillard is "an old story and very's going no-where.... there's no proof of an illegal act".  I think it takes a bit more research than Ray has done to make that determination safely.

Be you ever so high, the law is above you.