A letter to the Newcastle Herald from Jonathan Moylan
It's hard to properly describe the courage and selflessness of our volunteer firefighters

What infected O'Connor's brain to alter it so he could say Abbott's fire-fighting was a stunt

This from reader HE

Brendan O'Connor should hang his head in shame and resign.
Every voter of the ALP and Greens and any critic of Abbott should take a long hard look at the gallery of photos at the following link before allowing themselves to have the slightest negative thought about this man.
It is amazing that there are still people out there who still want to compare Abbott's character, resolve or capabilities to lead with that of Gillard. I wonder what Ann Summers and those other "influential persons" were doing whilst Abbott was risking his life along with many other worthy Australians to protect her and those other like minded Abbott haters from real danger.
Now this is an act of "pure altruism" by Abbott - something that could never be said in the same breath of Gillard or her sad, pathetic Cabinet. To be honest I have never been so disgusted for quite sometime - not so much by O'Connor, Gillard or Milne because we know what they are like and what they represent but by those many thousands of Australians who will not vote to remove the "imposters" and "traitors" who have somehow got into a position to govern this country.
For those who think the fires are being used for a political stunt please go to this link to understand the true horror of what is happening.