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Boulder, WA - the AWU Fatal Accident and Death Fund - a scholarly paper

My colleagues Val Majkus and John Lourens have brought to light the private, inner-workings of the Australian Workers' Union Fatal Accident and Death Fund from Boulder, Western Australia.

What better example of the great traditions of mateship could there be?   Miners chipping in each payday, so that unkown widows or fatherless children of the future might have some small comfort in their loss.

To most of us, money in a fund like that is money with a lofty, untouchable amibition.   The thought that it might be targetted by anyone with tawdry intent is sickening.

Val and John tell a story that has a happy ending.   It may not have been so - it's a testament to many in the Kalgoorlie mining community that the fund was never forgotten and its balance remains secure.

Some of the chapters of this story are yet to be written.   The  price Bruce Wilson agreed to pay for the Kalbarri holiday units was apparently higher than their advertised sale price.   And those who were there at the time recall brand new Ford motor cars appearing in the AWU parking lot after the vendor - a Ford dealer - closed the holiday flat deal.   Authorities may yet have the last word.

This scholarly paper represents so much hard work by John and Val over the past several months.   Thank you both for seeking out the truth  - and thank you for the lifetime of professional conduct and learning that has inculcated in you the wisdom to write with such authority.  

I commend this paper to you.