Why didn't you go to the police and tell them who dunnit Craig?
What do we do with Chris McArdle? An Officer-of-the-Court who has so misled us.

Updated to include second series of charge sheets - Charge Sheet and Warrant to Arrest, Craig Robert Thomson

This Charge Sheet and Arrest Warrant was executed on Craig Robert Thomson.  The information, that is the policeman who filed the information and is in charge of the case Detective Sergeant John Tyquin said this to the court that issued the warrant:

"The accused resides outside the jurisdiction of this state.   Attempts to negotiate with him to present himself to Victoria Police for interview in Victoria have failed.   He has refused to be interviewed about this ofence and numerous other deception related offences."

The last section of the form is the actual direction to police to arrest.   In the section that sets out the grounds on which the Magistrate issued the Warrant this box is ticked - "I am satisfied by evidence that...the person is avoiding the service of the summons".

Craig Thomson Charge Sheet and Arrest Warrant_001


Download Craig Thomson charge sheet and warrant to arrest (Now Searchable thanks to Wyndham Dix) - TS

Download Second half of Craig Thomson charges