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The election, the law, commercial broadcasters - and the sanctity of The ABC's Vibe

We spoke a fair bit about the election and the law last week. On 5 February Reader Chris wrote in setting out the legislation that covers the commercial broadcasting industry and we posted it here. Chris had written to the ABC after it had posted on The Drum website that the ABC didn't feel bound by the law.  We posted the legislation covering commercial broadcasters, and the ABC's governing legislation which mirrors the commercial provisions.

This in The Australian today.

Commercial TV tells Libs: the campaign is on

  • From:The Australian 
  • February 12, 2013 12:00AM

THE nation's commercial television industry has ruled that the election campaign has begun and declared that all political advertising will now be officially vetted.

FreeTV, the body representing the commercial television networks, has told political parties that sections of the Broadcasting Services Act covering election campaigns have been triggered.

Full story is here

But that doesn't apply to the ABC according to the ABC Chief Vibester Mark Scott.

The Vibester Mark Scott confirmed to The Australian the ABC's preference for the Dennis Denuto school of legal interpretions man,

ABC managing director Mark Scott yesterday confirmed the national broadcaster had decided the election period would not begin until the writs were issued on August 12 for a general election. Mr Scott said the broadcaster would take a “commonsense” approach.

 “For all practical purposes, we will treat the election campaign period as running from the issuing of the writs to the close of polling,” he said.