A Melbourne lawyer explains the Magistrates' Court Processes
If he'd been a bit competent, just a bit, it wouldn't hurt so much. At the next election as he loses his seat, try your best not to think of the number.

The Gillard Government is eyeing off your super. Things might get serious, financially speaking.

Jonathan is an eminent person.   He's freely given of his time and analytical skills to set out exactly how well our nation's goverment has performed over time.  Here's his note.


This took me 30 minutes to go to budget.gov.au and work through the official budget documents.
I do have a Bachelor's degree in economics, but practice as a corporate lawyer.
What the attached document shows is that Labor's claim that their record deficits result from falling revenue is absolute garbage.
You will see if they kept average spending as a percent of GDP to the average of the last 5 Coalition budgets they should have delivered surpluses in 3 out of 4 budgets. Instead they have increased expenditure as a percent of GDP by 3.85%.
I really hope you publish this and circulate it because I believe it is extremely important that facts are used to destroy Gillard and Swan's claims. They are complete and utter lies.
Why a member of the Press Gallery has not taken the time to do this basic research task is beyond me.
Feel free to use how and when you wish.
Download JWW Budget Analysis  (pdf version for those without excel - or with older versions) - TS