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The Labor Party, the HSU and the Media should remind Mr Thomson of his obligation to HSU members

Craig Thomson has refused to speak to police regarding his statements that someone has stolen money from Health Services Union members.

What?   Where's the Minister for Industrial Relations, the current secretary of the HSU or the current Prime Minister who for so long endorsed the great job Mr Thomson's been doing and her expectation that he'd do it for a long, long, long time.

Until today we have had no documentary evidence to prove that Mr Thomson has failed in his duty to report this crime to police.   He's said plenty publicly, and it was possible that he was co-operating with police as they chased the real offender.   But now there is important proof in the statement of Detective Sergeant John Tyquin of the Victoria Police which I've posted here.

Detective Sergeant Tyquin told the court that issued the warrant to arrest Mr Thomson, ""The accused resides outside the jurisdiction of this state.   Attempts to negotiate with him to present himself to Victoria Police for interview in Victoria have failed.   He has refused to be interviewed about this ofence and numerous other deception related offences."

Of course it's Mr Thomson's right not to incriminate himself and short of his arrest he was under no obligation to submit to police.   That is unless he is aware of a crime that he had a duty to report, that is theft from the owners of Health Services Union money, its members.   And it's Mr Thomson's public statements that he is aware of such information.

He told me on 2UE, Laurie Oakes on Channel 9, the Parliament in his speech to the House and elsewhere that another person stole the union's money and he has named names.   How can our media, the HSU and the Labor Party allow him to get away with not reporting the matter to police?