How did Ms Gillard got away with it for so long! How come no one called her out, it's so obvious.
Analysis on the Development Application at 467 New Canterbury Road Dulwich Hill

Meanwhile, Julia Gillard was campaigning for the Senate. Or working at Slater and Gordon. Or doing the weeding. Or helping Bruce sell Kerr Street or something.

Do other countries have this drama with their Prime Minister?

Slater and Gordon is on the record - "In September 1995 Ms Gillard took a leave of absence from Slater & Gordon in order to campaign for the Senate".

Remember Slater and Gordon made that statement on Sunday, 19 August, 2012.  Julia Gillard needed a cover story and Slater and Gordon delivered one.  

Peter Gordon and Nick Styant Browne are in accord that Gillard elected to resign after her disciplinary hearing on 11 September, 1995 - and not "in order to campaign for the Senate".

On 15 October, 1995 Ebru Yaman's article about Gillard appeared in The Australian newspaper.  Gillard said, "I'm still a partner with Slater and Gordon and I have no intention of leaving".

Now let's look at her biographical notes, here are some extracts:

Gillard archives

Right, so the version for the archives says she started with Brumby in 1995 (while she was campaigning for the Senate).   And according to The Australian she was still with Slater and Gordon as a partner and had no intention of leaving.

This bio is similar from the APH handbook

Gillard parliamentary handbook
And this one is from the APH website

Gillard aph website
Right.   Not campaigning for the Senate.   Working for Brumby in 1995.   Except that's bulltish too, she started in May, 1996.   

So maybe she'd tell the Young Lawyer magazine the truth - as an example to say aspiring women who might be looking for a role model.

Nope - that's full of bulltish too.   This photo predates botox.

Gillard law journal before ravages of age
For sheer lying chutzpah, how's this exposition of the pain of making that decision to leave Slater and Gordon to campaign for the Senate, or to run Brumby's office or to watch Oprah.

When I first left Slater and gordon
CEOs who lie like this in their CVs generally get picked up.   Surely to God someone in the Labor Party checked and saw that she had something to hide!