Ben Fordham follows up with another clear and unequivocal editorial about the police enquiries into Julia Gillard's actions in The AWU Scandal
Our media hunts in packs, sniffs the breeze and generally follows the same prey (or more appropriately bait)

A bit of explanation about the way Ben Fordham's statements have been reported

I recorded this editorial about 11 this morning - and then decided not to publish it. I didn't think it added much.

At the time )this morning) I thought that the misreporting and spin were secondary to the important new developments reported today.   Hedley Thomas and Pia Akerman report Waye Hem's statement to police about money going into Gillard's bank account  - and Steve Lewis and Carly Crawford's piece about the police forensic accounting investigation into the distribution of the proceeds from the sale of Kerr Street Fitzroy and some commentary about renovations to Gillard's house.

Having now seen the news devel0p and in light of Ben's very clear further editorial today, here's what I said at 11 this morning by way of explanation about how the stories were mixed and spun.