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Lots of progress today - every touch leaves its trace

I'll put up a synopsis of the new developments mentioned in the two newspaper reports from News Limited today, along with a summary of some of other developments and enquiries that are still outstanding.

In the interim there are some really insightful blog comments  coming in today and I thought I'd post a few here in this thread you can see them on the front page.

Seeker of Truth re Wayne Hem - I've always wondered why Bruce Wilson would have Julia Gillard's bank account details.

I've always wondered why Wilson would have Julia Gillard's bank account details.  Bank account details are very personal information.  They are usually not shared among people, even those in close relationships unless there is a special circumstance.  It wasn't as if while Hem was in the room, Wilson phoned Gillard to get the account details. Wilson already knew these details.  He them written down.  Why would Wilson need to have these details?   This is the newspaper report in November 2012 "......National AWU head Ian Cambridge, now a Fair Work Australia Commissioner, recorded in his 1994-1996 diary allegations by union employee Wayne Hem that Mr Wilson, after a night at a casino, had given him a wad of cash totalling $5000 along with Ms Gillard's bank account details and told him to deposit it." "Mr Hem provided further detail on the allegation in his statutory declaration to The Australian, saying he had been asked to attend Mr Wilson's office. "I went down and he handed me about five grand," Mr Hem said in the report. "Then Bruce handed me a piece of paper with the account number and a name on it, and it was Julia's name. "He said 'Go put this in Julia's account'. I said 'OK'. "He (Wilson) made a comment about not saying anything. I just went down to the bank, put it in, came back, gave him the receipt. If anyone needs me to put money into their bank account on a one off occasion, it's not like I keep those bank account details in my top drawer in case I might need to use them again. Another point that raises suspicion, is Hem was asked not to tell anyone about it.  Why???


Spin Baby, Spin said:        The conveyance file on the sale of Kerr Street                   

                                Thought this was interesting and worth a separate post. While the official file may be destroyed, Police should still be able to access the financial information from the trust account of the real estate agent - ultimately who got the cheques: Police have also sought the conveyancing file from the sale of the property from real estate agents. A senior figure from real estate agency Collins Simms told News Ltd that police had been in contact with the firm seeking a copy. The agency told them they did not have it because they did not keep records from so long ago. Also of interest is that the Police should be able to access a copy of the conveyance file from the Purchaser who bought the property from Wilson/Blewitt.  That will have yet more damning evidence of who exactly that law firm dealt with and who ultimately received cheques at settlement.  I doubt very much the Purchaser's solicitor will have destroyed their file.   Every touch leaves a trace.