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The boney Abbott chewable doggie toy is now in stock!!! Please support PK Pets

You may recall the storm we had with PK Pets in Adelaide and their Droolia doll!

I had a fair bit of correspondence with Donna Lindsay, one of the owners of the business.   She's a lovely person and she had to cop a fair bit of unwanted and undeserved flack from people she didn't know, who didn't know her and in some cases who were just horribly personal and judgmental about Donna and her staff.

Donna said back then that she'd ordered a Tony Abbott doggie toy - and true to her word the new PK Pets catalogue is out and I'd imagine the company is ready to take your orders!

Here's Donna's lovely note to me this morning:

Hi Michael,
I am not sure if you would remember me but as you were very nice to me amid all of the trouble with the droolia toys I thought you may like to see the new Boney Abbott one, it is not due for release for another 3-4 weeks but the wholesaler sent me the prototype to do some graphics with it. I am sure it will not reach notoriety like the Droolia doll but at least I hope it puts to rest the sexism and feminist issues now there is the male equivalent.
Thank you again
Donna Lindsay
P&K Pets
Copy (2) of lodgelogo
I know that orders are being taken now - $25 - get on the phone or the internet right away!!!!

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