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Robyn McLeod and Bruce Wilson were directors of the Thiess Superannuation Fund

Julia Gillard and the 1990 Workplace Reform Association Incorporated. Yes, 1990 - 2 years before Bruce Wilson.

New information has come to light today that throws immense doubt on Julia Gillard's claims that she simply took instructions from Bruce Wilson about what she characterises as his desire to incorporate the AWU Workplace Reform Association.

Julia Gillard was extensively involved with a Max Ogden, AMWU Education Officer, while they were joint members of the Socialist Forum Incorporated, even taking on the bank signatory role in his stead at one stage.

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(Bob Kernohan remembers Max Ogden from his trade union days in Melbourne in the 1980s/90s)

 Here are some links to explain a bit about Max - a passionate unionist and workplace reformer.

And here's a link to Max's booklet on workplace reform, or change as he's calling it now.

In 1990, a Neville Maxwell Ogden is recorded as the public officer in an association called Workplace Reform Association Incorporated, which had been incorporated in Victoria that year - fully 2 years before Gillard helped Wilson incorporate the AWU incorporporated entity.

The AWU Scandal to date has revolved around Wilson's Australian Workers' Union Workplace Reform Association Incorporated.

Ms Gillard states that she gave advice to Bruce Wilson about the incorporation and that she did nothing wrong.  

The AWU Workplace Reform Association was incorporated by the WA Corporate Affairs Commissioner in June, 1992.

But Ms Gillard's close involvement with like entities extended back at least 8 years before that.

As she told her managing partner Peter Gordon in her recorded exit interview, she "cut and paste" the rules of the Socialist Forum Incorporated as the basis for the AWU Workplace Reform Association.

Gilard cut and paste

Well there's a much closer link to a Workplace Reform Association Incorporated than the link Ms Gillard disclosed to Peter Gordon - and it brings into focus the question of who was calling the shots in The AWU Scandal.

Yesterday, Michelle Two sent me this certificate from ASIC.   A Workplace Reform Association was registered in Victoria in 1990.

Workplace reform
I have further and better particulars about its registration - and its incorporation under the relevant Victorian legislation.

Workplace reform vic

I purchased the extract.

Extract workplace reform
The public officer was Neville Maxwell Ogden of the Monash University Centre, 3rd floor, Exhibition Street Melbourne.

This article appeared in The Age in 1969.

Neville ogden 1 Neville ogden 2

Demonstrating in support of Bougainville natives against a big mining company.   Certainly consistent with the views of the Socialist Forum.

"Max" Ogden features heavily in Julia Gillard's Socialist Forum over many years up to 1990, starting here in 1984.  The minutes of this meeting record the party at Max's place.

Party at max ogden's

The Socialist Forum becomes an incorporated Association.

Incorporating socialist forum
And over the years Julia and Max do a lot of work together.   There were study circles.

Nev ogden and julia gilard study circles

A seminar to decide what sort of socialism they were striving for;

Socialist objective with max

A management committee to run together.

Management together

Julia even followed Max as the bank signatory for the incorporated association they'd set up for the Socialist Forum.  It was good experience in getting to understand banking procedures.

Jules replaces Max as signatory

And what do you think Max Ogden's day job might have been?

Max the union officer
I don't know about you, but I'd say that prior to meeting with Bruce Morton Wilson to "take his instructions" about incorporating his workplace reform association, Julia Eileen GILLARD had a reasonable grasp on the topic herself.

And some experience under the belt.

Every touch leaves its trace.

(This post is dedicated to my mate Bob Kernohan who deserves a lot better than what life's dished out to him.)