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The incorporation of the Socialist Forum - The Rules, Statement of Purpose and By Laws

Here is the agenda for the final discussions on the constitution and rules/objects for Socialist Forum INC.

Socialist forum big day out
And the following file is 15 pages long.   It's the Statement of Purpose, The Rules and in keeping with their love of writing down details, there are further pages of By-Laws!

Download Socialist forum rules

At the meeting pages and pages like this one were completed by members.

Socialist forum sigs
Sigs 2

There were mail-in forms - nothing was left to chance.

Leadership positions were formally nominated and approved with minuted records.

Leadership positions

And this extract from Victoria's Consumer Affairs Department can be taken as a certificate to prove that the Association was indeed incorporated.

Alpha omega


You may wish to jump ahead and quickly check the AWU WRA Ms Gillard set up for Bruce.  You'll find a big difference from the Rules/Constitution of the Socialist Forum and the AWU-WRA.   Which is funny, because Ms Gillard told her boss that she based the AWU WRA on the Socialist Forum rules.

But we're not going to deal with the AWU WRA next.   We'll be looking  at another Workplace Reform Association.   It was a Workplace Reform Association that really did things - things like hosting a conference in Melbourne attended by 722 delegates, including Prime Minister Hawke.

Fortunately for us, the conference proceedings have been preserved in this 300 odd page book!

Workplace reform

We'll look at who was involved with that first Workplace Reform Association soon.