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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

He's just a Big Greek bulltish artist

Remember Vassilis?   Vassilis Telikostiglou?



PG: Right. And, when Bruce came to Victoria, did he come alone or were there other Western Australian people who came with him?

JG: No, he came alone. Yes, at that stage I think he came alone. He was subsequently joined by an organiser from Western Australia called, his proper name (was) Vassilis Telikostoglou. He is known as either Bill Telikostoglou or simply Bill the Greek





I didn't, I've never, I didn't pay for the bricks, I didn't pay for the bricks. I've never had an account in relation to the fence. Now, I don't, I don't know what that means about where Bill got the bricks from, and I don't know whether that means anybody worked with him on the fence, that I haven't paid. He, you know, he pleased as punch sort of said he had built it for me. That he had built it for me. Whether that means he himself did it, given Bill's obvious difficulties with the truth I no longer know.

PG: What are Bill's obvious difficulties with the truth?

JG: He's just a big Greek bullshit artist.

I wonder if anyone told Melbourne Water?  Here's BRW from 1993 when the Melbourne Water contract with Thiess began.   Robyn McLeod was on the scene right about then too.

MelbWater_001 MelbWater_002