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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

In this context, how could a partner in a law firm act to create the sham AWU WRA?

What Julia Gillard knew and when

Please have a very close look at these dates.

Here is the certificate of incorporation for the AWU Workplace Reform Association.

It was incorporated on 24 June, 1992

This is a statement made at the time by Bob Kernohan.

Kernohan 1992 charge bob smith
How could a lawyer acting for the AWU in these matters have permitted the very man at the centre of these allegations, the new branch secretary Bruce Wilson, to have incorporated a "union slush fund" masquerading as a Workplace Reform Association and passed off as a legitimate entity of the AWU without proper authorisation?

Wilson was there at the time.   Gillard must have known about this, yet she still went ahead, wrote to the WA Corporate Affairs Commissioner and months later acted for Wilson in the house purchase.

Awu afr 1992 kernohan



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