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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Julia Gillard gives legal advice as a lawyer to her client. 3 examples today - one is of interest to police.

Here is the first example.   The legal advice is weighty, important, methodically researched and referenced to union rules and various legislative provisions.

It includes a file reference IU:JG:2519.  It sets out the "client" as the addressee and the "lawyer" Julia Gillard as the signatory (who writes with the first person plural "We"  pronoun describing her role in and the broader responsibility of the partnership listed on the left hand side of the letterhead) and it describes the matter in which the lawyer has been engaged by the client.

Note the date (20 August 1991) and the methodical references to the AWU's rules and the effect of various laws and probable outcomes of litigation.   All in writing.   All in a file.  All after taking clear instructions.   The law firm was no doubt paid for its work.

A copybook example of a lawyer operating as a lawyer should be expected to operate.

Finally note the letterhead's description of the partnership operating in Western Australia - the invitation to respond to Perth, the Ausdoc, postal address and registered office street address in Perth and the particulars of two persons on the letterhead held out as Perth, Western Australia enrolled solicitors.  

Over the years Ms Gillard has had a 9mm odd hole drilled through her name as this letter was filed in a ring binder - but there remains enough of her on that part of the letterhead for us to see her domicile in Victoria while the firm retains WA locals too.   One would think a client in the West would be most grateful of the savings in airfares and the extra capabilities in understanding local laws that the WA office delivered.   No need for TA, time away from the office in hotels and then there's the natural preference local authorities like Corporate Affairs Commissioners seem to express for dealing with locally schooled professionals who know local laws.

So - here is example one:

Wilson union rules_001

Wilson union rules_002

Wilson union rules_003

Wilson union rules_004


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