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Therapeutic relation techniques of the modern high level meeting conductor, Friday 18 March 2013

Below is the result of an FOI release by the Department of Finance for travel details of the now Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Therapeutic Albo.

Here's a link.

True thai

And here is the detail.   Just for one day.   A Friday.   Friday arvo.   That Friday arvo.

Therapeutic Albo travel

It had been a hard sitting week in Canberra, with the media legislation, Craig Thomson offering his vote in return for legal bills and Albo was front and centre doing the hard yards, Monday to lunchtime Friday.   He scored was paid $1,300 for the week travelling allowance.

Albo in canberra

Then flew to Sydney on a particularly cheap fare.   Maybe he did his back on the plane.

Albo flies to sydney

And that's where the FOI above comes in.   The consolidated expense report doesn't provide the details that you see above - all you see without the FOI is this for Albo's comcar use:

Albo's comcar

Now thanks to the FOI we know that after a hard week in Canberra, Therapeutic Albo lobbed at Marrickville at 3.09PM on that Friday afternoon, 15 March, 2013.

Which gels with the note I received on Monday, 18 March 2013.

At 3.45pm on Friday afternoon 15th March 2013, the married Federal Member for Grayndler, Anthony Albanese, was at Traditonal Thai Massage, 467 New Canterbury Road, Dulwich Hill, NSW which is within his local electorate.

A passer-by called the news outlets one of which managed to get images of him leaving around 4.45pm. In this is described as follows, Escorts, Rub 'n tugs, body slides & happy endings. It is not a legitimate traditional Thai massage, but even so what is the married Federal Cabinet minister doing at this place in light of other issues involving Federal Labour MP's I.e. Craig Thompson. It shows a complete lack of judgment on his part.

Having regard to the pictures of him exiting the premises, [PUBLISHER’S NAME REDACTED] decided to bury the story, [PUBLISHER NO 2’S NAME REDACTED] then spoke to Albanese on Saturday, they didn't have the images, but he did in fact confirm he was there. He told [PUBLISHER’S NAME REDACTED] he had just received a traditional massage.

Given a week of issues involving Senator Conroy's planned media legislation, [PUBLISHER’S NAME REDACTED] decided to pull the story, and without the pictures [PUBLISHER’S NAME REDACTED] could not go anywhere with it. I am aware they considered the possible political repercussion's if it appeared they were going after him, public interest issues having been considered etc.

This is clearly a matter in the public interest, when a cabinet minister who is next week, opening a special ceremony for babies at Marrackville West Public school and is married to MP Carmel Tebbutt. Federal Labour has the media outlets running scared and they decided to bury to story, particularly so at [PUBLISHER’S NAME REDACTED]. Albanese should not be going to a place such at this, should exercise more discretion and be held to account for a higher standard than the average bloke. This lack of judgment is being talked about in newsrooms across the country. There is no doubt the PM knows about this. What's the problem with reporting this as fact, he's admitted it and it should be reported.

Maybe Therapeutic Albo needed the back therapy to get himself right for the hard slog ahead in "high level meetings" overseas.

Albo os

Hope he conducted well.

But you'd reckon a good Labor government like Albo's would have thought to include therapeutic back work on Medicare, wouldn't you?