The story you are about to hear is true, it could not be invented. Photocopier, yes. Washing machine????
The AWU Scandal - my interview with former AWU President Bob Kernohan today on 2GB

Today on 2GB after 3PM - the interview they did not want you to hear. Bob Kernohan on The AWU Scandal.

Here's Bob today at the 2GB offices - no gags here!!!

Bob kernohan



No gags at 2GB!!!!!!   Hard to believe there were people capable of decision like the ones that led to this story from The Australian in September 2011.

Talkback host Michael Smith told to sign gag order

BROADCASTER Michael Smith must make an undertaking not to broadcast material from an interview with Bob Kernohan, former president of the Australian Workers Union, before he returns to air on Sydney's 2UE.

Smith was suspended on Tuesday as Fairfax Media and 2UE management investigated material to be aired in Smith's interview with Mr Kernohan, including allegations of misappropriated union funds.

Yesterday, 2UE management issued Smith with a document requiring his undertaking not to broadcast material from the interview unless the station has evidence to support any claims that will be made.

"If he signs the document, he'll be back on air tomorrow (Friday)," said Fairfax's head of radio, Graham Mott. "If he doesn't we'll have to reconsider our positions."

Fairfax Media chief executive Greg Hywood had no qualms over the suspension. "That was Graham Mott's decision, which I fully support."

The afternoon host remains indignant about the neutering of his questioning of alleged misallocation of union funds by Bruce Wilson, with whom Julia Gillard had a personal relationship before she entered politics.

"This country's pretty screwed up if decent, working people can't turn to a free and open media to have their say," Smith said last night.

Mr Mott said the station was still investigating the claims.



In 2012 Graham Mott was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame. 

Australia values some peculiar behaviours.