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Union members' money funding outlaw motor cycle gang expenses

Yesterday the Premier of Queensland Campbell Newman delivered this message via Twitter:


 He was referring to "donations" made by union leaders to meet actual or anticipated expenses incurred by Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs in their defiance of Queensland's gang-busting anti-consorting laws.

The Courier Mail today reports:

The Maritime Union of Australia and a group aligning itself with the Electrical Trades Union have donated thousands of dollars to the United Motorcycle Council fighting fund.

The MUA, which gave $5000, and a group calling itself the "ETU Boys", which gave $10,000, are among prominent donors to a UMC war chest currently swelling by about $100,000 a month.

The national arm of the Bandidos has also been forced to give $35,000 by other clubs who blamed its members for provoking the war on bikie gangs.

The Queensland Council of Unions will today consider separate legal action against laws which it considers may infringe the work rights of members linked to bikie gangs.