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Therapeutic relation techniques of the modern high level meeting conductor, Friday 18 March 2013

Yesterday's show on 2GB filling in for Chris Smith and Ben Fordham

Far and away the most important issue that came up yesterday was the penalty imposed on the prisoner Russell Packer who was sent down for 2 years gaol for a vicious assault in which he punched a bloke to the ground, then stomped on him.

Magistrate His Honour Greg Grogin (a former policeman) made the order.   He needs your support because a penalty of that sort in the Magistrates' Court (or Local Court as it's known in NSW) is very rare indeed.

Michael Smith on air calls for the public to support today’s decision by NSW Magistrate Greg Grogan, in handing down the maximum sentence of two years for assault,  to NRL player Russell Packer. Please  write to the Chief Magistrate of NSW:



Michael Smith speaks to Leivin Bertels, Director of the Sydney Festival about its opening this week and what events are happening for families. 

Kel Richards and Michael Smith have a chat about the use of swear words in movies. 

Michael Smith speaks to Mark Stephens on non-invasive ‘lap band surgery’ via hypnosis. He claims up to  80 per cent success rate for significant weight loss.