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Mark Scott and Greg Hywood use thousands of dollars to meet expense claims

You can read the Fairfax press article published today at the behest of a "senior union source" here.

It is a low rent, unsourced story of innuendo and partial reports, unbalanced by context and driven by the agenda of people who want to discredit Jackson.

Kathy Jackson and Bob Kernohan are my friends.   I know each of them well.   I know the police who have examined Kernohan and Jackson's background and any allegations against them - exhaustively.   I have done so as well.   Kathy Jackson is what she says she is, a former participant in the corrupted, play-for-keeps Labor movement who saw wrong and reported it.

Kathy is the person who saw event after event, incident after incident, report after report that turned out to be true - and when it was beyond doubt that corruption was thriving around her went to the authorities and had no end of trouble in convincing them to take action.   But she stuck at it.   She did the right thing and that is what the Royal Commission will find.

How many union whistle-blowers can you name off the top of your head?   I can think of two - Jackson and Kernohan.   Why so few?   Because it's professionally suicidal and most people don't have the stomach for it.   Unions have serious financial war-chests and a phalanx of law firms ready to swing into action to make life unbearable for those who oppose them.   That's what's happening to Kathy Jackson now.

Consider this.  

  • Michael Williamson had extensive legal fees paid for by union money.   Williamson was found to have diverted about $20M in union members money for purposes that did not represent genuine value for union members.    He was allowed to reach a speedy settlement with the union, negotiated by a former Labor attorney general - a settlement that included his wife's receipt of more than $1M in grotesque superannuation payments.
  • Craig Thomson had more than $360,000 in legal fees paid for by union/Labor money.   He sued the HSU for defamation after Kathy Jackson blew the whistle on his corruption - and the HSU settled with him.
  • Williamson is in gaol convicted of stealing from his members.
  • Thomson is a prisoner on bail convicted of fraud and subject to a gaol sentence - he is appealing his conviction and sentence.
  • Kathy Jackson has no findings of misbehaviour against her.   Yet the HSU is suing her for $35,000 in legal fees she incurred on behalf of HSU members when she chose to use a law firm that was independent of the Labor/Law Complex for the purposes of preparing legal advice directly related to the lawful pursuit of Thomson/Williamson in their corruption.

HSU members money to the tune of at least $250,000 has been spent in the legal action to recover what the current HSU leadership says is a $35,000 legal bill relating to legal fees incurred by Jackson on the HSU's behalf - all of which arose as a direct result of the Williamson/Thomson offending.

Anything seem sus to you?