Someone hires Paul Howes expert in "motivating workforces to drive productivity"
Is this the sickest Fairfax smear in a long time?

Full of hate and full of sh*t. "Peaceful missionary" arrested for inspiring jihadists.

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Peace TV ... yeah right. 

This is the face of radical Muslim Musa Cerantonio who has been winding up young Australians to fly to the middle east and sign up for jihad. 

This halfwit is an Australian-born convert with the phony middle-eastern accent who's been making videos urging young Muslims to join him in the fight in Syria. 

But overnight, he's been picked up in The Philippines (just little south of the middle east!) .... 

...exposing as lies his boasts of having joined a new Islamic caliphate in the Middle East.

Melbourne-born Cerantonio is regarded as one of the top propagandists for jihadists and the violent Islamic State.

He's now likely to be deported back to Australia.

Full of hate but totally full of sh*t.

Hey Musa ... meet your future neighbours at the Goulburn Supermax: