Why is it The Greens are treated by the media as having the moral high ground?
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Someone hires Paul Howes ...an expert in "motivating workforces to drive productivity"


The worker's best mate has gone corporate...

Paul Howes, who quit as Australian Workers’ Union national secretary in March, was appointed a director at KPMG yesterday — the first time that the professional services company has hired a union leader.

In his new corporate role, the 32-year-old will consult with KPMG’s clients in three key areas including business transformation, transaction services and superannuation.

But this takes your breath away:

Head of Advisory at KPMG Australia John Somerville said the union leader would bring a different perspective and “deeper understanding” of what motivates a workforce in times of change.

“Paul presents our clients with unique insights on motivating workforces to drive productivity and improve business performance,’’

I'd love to know what those "unique insights" might be - and how an outfit like KPMG will be applying his expertise at "driving productivity".