Jason Morrison on the need for an opt-out register for organ donation
Misogyny in the Senate

Thanks for your concern

Jason here. I just wanted to apologise for the lack of posts and let you know what's been going on. 

Michael has just had to take a bit of time out after a tough few weeks and my own work has had me away as well. 

But yes - the site is still going. It's just had a bit of an unexpected rest. I am really sorry about the backlog of unprocessed comments - there are thousands and many from people asking what is going on. 

Michael will be back as soon as possible and I'll try to keep things going along. 

Thanks - and I appreciate your concern for Michael and his work here. This site is a fulltime job for him and your support largely keeps him going. 

I was looking for a funny photo of Michael to share but then I stumbled on to this gem from our history:



This was taken in 2011. If only we all knew then what we know now!

Then again, 2UE would kill for the audience it had in 2011 versus what it has now.