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"Everything must go, closing down sale - never to be repeated prices" - Chris Pyne Military Discounts

Chris Pyne has gone mad, Chris Pyne has gone mad, Chris Pyne has gone completely mad.

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 16 Feb 2017  Media release


Minister for Defence Industry, the Hon Christopher Pyne MP, today released the first Australian Military Sales Equipment Catalogue.

 The Catalogue lists selected equipment that is scheduled to be withdrawn from front line service in the Australian Defence Force (ADF), but that still demonstrates a viable capability that other countries might seek to purchase; along with details of equipment still in production that our friends and allies could consider acquiring for their capability requirements.

The development of this Catalogue supports the First Principles Review recommendation to ensure Defence was a ‘Smart Buyer’ by better leveraging industry, being more commercially oriented and delivering value for money in its activities. This also includes achieving value for money in the disposal of ex-ADF equipment.

 Minister Pyne said the sale of ex-ADF equipment will potentially see positive benefits across Australian Industry.

“The sale of ex-ADF equipment gives Australian industry the opportunity to bid for work in the sustainment or refurbishment of that equipment to a foreign government,” Minister Pyne said.

"For example, in the sale of C-130H aircraft to Indonesia with a sale price of $15 million, two refurbishment contracts resulted for Australian industry valued in excess of $100 million." 

Products in the Catalogue include the Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicle, used successfully in ADF service for many years protecting our troops on operations overseas, and to be withdrawn from service from 2030.

“The sale of ex-ADF equipment will also support our strengthening strategic foreign relationships” said Minister Pyne. 

“The Catalogue is designed to provide industry and our friends and allies the maximum practical time available to take advantage of these opportunities.” 

The Australian Military Sales Office is responsible for managing the sale and exporting of surplus ADF equipment to approved foreign government customers under Government-to-Government arrangements.


If these sales are to be exclusively government to government, as has been the practice in the past, what is this exceptionally government to public announcement all about?