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That cartoon from the genius Bill Leak could well refer to the stoning of a 19 year old Muslim girl named Rokhshana from Firozkoh, Ghor.

40 Australians were killed in action so these barbarians could live like this?

This video records the girl being stoned to death by her Muslim villagers for refusing a forced marriage, Ghor Province, Afghanistan, Nov 3rd, 2015. Rokhshana was heard repeating the shahada in whimpers and in an increasingly high-pitched voice before she became silent, after suffering an agonizing, painful death. Her crime was essentially being born into a devilish family and having lived in a toxic uncivilized medieval culture.

The killing took place in Ghalmeen, an area some 40 kilometres (25 miles) from the Ghor provincial capital of Firozkoh.

Any Muslim who watches, much less participating in, killing another human being, let alone one's own daughter, accepts this vile, barbaric, and macabre form of theocratic sanction and yet could still call oneself a human being is truly being generous, indeed; even sewer rats do not normally kill their own offspring.

This "stoning" is Sharia Law in action. Thanks to the corrupted Western leaders, liberal retards, leftist minions, and shameless dhimmi, this barbaric filthy garbage as part of the Islamic death rape cult would be part of the Western culture soon if the status quo persists. When will the free world start waking up?

And yes, I checked to see if it's genuine - this from the BBC.

Afghan woman accused of adultery is stoned to death

  • 3 November 2015
  • From the section Asia
A video frame grab taken from footage recorded on 25 October 2015 - and made available by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty - shows men stoning Afghan woman RokhshanaImage copyrightAFP
Image captionIn the video Rokhshana's voice can be heard growing increasingly high-pitched as the stones strike her with sickening thuds

A 30-second video appearing to show the punishment has been posted online.

The clip shows a woman in a hole in the ground surrounded by turbaned men who hurl stones at her. The man she was accused of eloping with was lashed.

The woman, named as Rokhshana and aged between 19 and 21, can be heard repeatedly and desperately professing her Muslim faith as the stones strike.

The Tolo news agency reported that the killing took place about a week ago in a Taliban-controlled area just outside Firozkoh, the capital of central Ghor province.


It has been sourced and released by international broadcaster Radio Free Europe. It reported that a crowd of spectators captured the incident on their mobile phones as the woman's cries filled the air.

The woman and the 23-year-old man she was allegedly eloping with had fled from their families in a bid to find a place to be married, RFE reported.

Officials in Ghor told the AFP news agency that Rokhshana was stoned by a gathering of "Taliban, local religious leaders and armed warlords". 

Provincial Governor Seema Joyenda - one of only two female governors in Afghanistan - told the agency that Rokhshana's family had married her off against her will.

The man she was eloping with was let off with only a lashing, Ms Joyenda said.

"This is the first incident in this area [this year] but will not be the last," she added.

"Women in general have problems all over the country, but in Ghor even more conservative attitudes prevail."

Mob killings are not uncommon in Afghanistan.

In March a woman called Farkhunda was savagely beaten and set ablaze in central Kabul after being falsely accused of burning a copy of the Koran.

The murder triggered protests across the country and led to global condemnation of the treatment of Afghan women.