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PNG parliament power cut off over unpaid bills - maybe Grand Chief Bill Clinton could help out

The Clinton Foundation made heaps out of PNG.

Bill, maybe it's time to give back.

PNG has lost the power to pay bills

Papua New Guinea’s Parliament House in Port Moresby.
  • The Australian

PNG Power Ltd — the country’s monopoly, state-owned company responsible for the generation, transmission, dis­tribution and retail of electricity — said that these institutions owed about $450,000.

Their bills have not been paid since last November.

The institutions have been closed since they were disconnected on Tuesday, leaving them without lighting, airconditioning and telecommunications.

The parliament building has its own standby generator — as do many private businesses in PNG, since PNG Power’s supply is often disrupted by blackouts.

But the acting clerk of the parliament­, Kala Aufa, told The Post-Courier newspaper that the building lacked a store of fuel for its generator, and so he had to make such an order before this alternative source of power could be switched on.

Mr Aufa conceded that the parliament owed PPL $245,000, but said the payment of utilities had become centralised by the Finance Department, which took over that responsibility for all state agencies at the start of the year.

“We just get the bills and give it to them,” he said.

He expressed concern that the parliament might also find its telecommunications and water services discontinued, if those bills were not settled.

Opposition Leader Don Polye blamed the government’s “incapacity to handle simple funding and administrative matters­”. He said the country was suffering a cashflow problem as a result of a mismanagement of funds that was affecting the entire public system.

He warned that salaries would also be affected.

Australian economist Paul Flanagan recently warned in a blog post that “PNG’s inter­national economic situation is much more frail than the picture presented by the Peter O’Neill government’’.

“The International Monetary Fund calls the foreign reserves position ‘weak’. It has less than one third the recommended level in its international bank account­,” he wrote.

Here's Bill with the proud purchaser of a Little Rock private jet, former Prime Minister and mega, mega corrupt friend of the Clintons Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare.


Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 7.43.03 pm

 Prime Minister Somare bestowed upon Chief Clinton PNG's highest honour.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 7.24.23 pm

November 2009 was the exact time that Sir Michael was slipping that 20 million out of the PNG Government's 2010 operating budget, the 20 million that was going into a pool for facilitation/establishment expenses associated with the super-hospital with the Clinton Foundation backing.

So imagine that.  How embarrassing.  Of all days for the potentate's luxury  private jet to turn up - it has to come on the day the corruption index comes out!

What a beautiful, sleek machine.   Travelling in style for a couple of Grand Chiefs plus harem.

Sir Michael and mates avoided the queues with their own luxury-class bird when they needed to slip over to New York 3 months later for their meeting with Bill about the hospital.

But on that November day in 2009 the rigours of the 2010 budget process and worries  about other people's money faded into the background.   By the time the jet completed its marathon journey to get there, well it'd travelled half way across the world, who'd have known what would be in the news when she arrived.

The occasion was marked by a marching band, fire trucks spraying water and the joy that only those who've known that 'new plane smell' will understand.

A brand new Dassault Falcon with P2-ANW was now a part of Sir Michael's life.

And you'll never guess where she started her journey.   Where she was luxuriously kitted out in Presidential Style, fit for a global potentate and kickback king.

Someone had tipped Sir Michael off about where the best deals on jets for southern hemisphere heads of state were to be found.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 5.50.51 am

Sir Michael popped around the corner to buy his jet from the Dassault dealership at Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA!

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 6.01.46 am