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Mrs Ruby Blewitt could do with a hand next Wednesday - apply here

Ralph and ruby

May I please ask a favour?

For 5 years now Ralph's wife Ruby Blewitt has watched and listened to a man she's known as a whistleblower.

She's watched him try to do the right thing by volunteering to tell all that he knows about the AWU Scandal.

She's seen him attacked by a sitting prime minister who used the office of PM in an official media conference to stick it to Ralph.

She's seen unconscionable defamatory reports published by a double-standard media (Mark Riley in particular) happy to stick it to Ralph by reporting unconfirmed hearsay about him but incurious and defensive of his co conspirator Gillard.

Ruby's proud of her man and what he is now.

Ruby was there at the family home in Malaysia while Ralph appeared before the Royal Commission - and when he came to Australia almost 5 years ago to make statements for Victoria Police.

Now she's in Australia, scarcely able to believe what's happening, let alone understand why.

She is in a state of shock to see that her husband - and only her husband - has been arrested, charged and bailed to appear in an Australian court next week to answer 31 charges that state it was he who was responsible for the AWU WRA crimes.  The charges against him tell a tale in which it was Ralph and only Ralph who deceived Thiess into paying $400,000.

Ruby is used to supporting Ralph.  Now it's Ruby who needs a hand.

Late last night Ralph sent me this message

Mate l have a special request..Ruby is seriously stressed about the court appearance next Wednesday. She will not allow me to go on my own she wants to be beside me. But she is scared about the attention she will get as my wife and the media harassing her.

Do you think someone on your blog would be willing to meet us at the court and take care of Ruby. She said she needs someone to hold her hand while l am there. Please if you can help her thanks Michael. 

I just need to know she'll be OK.

I exchanged a few more messages with Ralph - he closed with this:

I'm OK and was handling it without emotion until Ruby told me about her fear at the court next week.
That's upset me more than anything.

Ralph I can only imagine how foreign this must be for Ruby.  A foreign legal system, unexpected and unpredictable events like your arrest - and a very different legal battle to fight from the one Ruby thought she'd be watching.

I'd be very pleased to hear from anyone in Perth who'd care to lend a hand of support to Ruby, particularly next Wednesday morning at the Magistrates' Court.

And just for the record, prior to flying to Perth at his own expense to "meet" with police, Ralph Blewitt sent a detailed email to detectives setting out his position on what he described as a conspiracy with Wilson/Gillard/Ludwig/Jukes and Trio over the secret commissions Thiess paid to the slush fund.

Ralph's position on the conspiracy is not at all unreasonable - in fact it is the very position WA Police held after its initial and failed investigation into the AWU Scandal:


Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 5.20.52 am

Ralph advised he would resist any charges that singled him out - and that his offer to return of his own volition and at his own expense was to explain who did what in the conspiracy of which he was a part.

He also asked these specific questions in an email:

I have recently become insulin dependent in the management of chronic Diabetes Type 2.

My wife and carer Ruby and I are adjusting to managing daily insulin injections and I have to be a little more prudent in managing my movements with a lot more pre-planning.

May I ask a few questions about my attendance at your offices “to deal with the matter”?

Will I be under arrest?

Will I be under caution?

Do police anticipate charging me with any offence(s)?

If so what offences?

If so will I be bailed, remanded or summonsed to appear in court?

Will I be permitted to leave Australia and return to my home in Malaysia after the meeting with you “to deal with the matter”? (my wife and carer Ruby does not yet have a long term visa to remain in Australia).

It strikes me as bloody lousy that the reply Ralph received was this:


Thank you for your email. As we have arranged for you to attend our office to discuss the matter we will not be entering into discussions about the below points in fairness to yourself and the investigation. The questions you ask will be discussed with you at that time, I do not intend discussing these via email.

If there is anything we can do to assist in managing your diabetes while you are with us, please let us know.



XXXXX | Detective Sergeant XXXX | Major Fraud Squad | Serious and Organised Crime Division | Western Australia Police | 233 Adelaide Terrace Perth, Western Australia 6000 | Ph [08] 9220 0700 | 

After 5 years of investigation, charging Ralph with 31 false invoicing offences to clear up the AWU Scandal is like charging a Mafia Godfather's book keeper with false accounting.  It might make someone smile - but it doesn't get to the heart of the offences.

Ralph has tried to do the right thing and Ruby has been there supporting him all the way.  We can't make authorities do the right thing by Ralph - but we sure can do the right thing by Ruby!