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On 23/8/12, the day Julia Gillard as then PM launched the public phase of the conspiracy to pervert the course of justice at a Press conference, coincidentally(?) Fairfax media had an article by Phil Coorey and also an Editorial. Phil Coorey asked Gillard a question about Blewitt, referring to his own article. Journalist: 'The story today about Ralph Blewitt leaving Indonesia in 2009 with the police after him and left owing a lot of money. When you dealt with him, did you find him a shonky character then'? PM: 'Phil, that’s a question really that no-one could answer. Did I have any reason to believe that Mr Blewitt was involved in the kind of conduct that has subsequently come to light? No, I did not.' Curiously, both Coorey's article and the Editorial contained allegations (but also excuses for the 'young lawyer') that appeared to be far more defamatory than 'The Australian' article Gillard used as a pretence to introduce the subject into a Press conference allegedly called to discuss illegal immigrants arriving by boat, courtesy of people smugglers.
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Remember this? And these. (Unfortunately, the external links may be behind a pay wall now) hillbilly33 said... Reply Saturday, 02 February 2013 at 09:55 PM Phil Coorey is one of the three wise Fairfax monkeys with Ringmaster Tim Lester, who are cheerleaders in the **LAGS Club, and in Gillard's loop. Michelle Grattan and the hapless Jacqeline Maley are the other two. They get forewarned of "ambush" press conferences as on 23/8/12, so they can publish articles the same day which echo the words from the same McTernan song-sheet being used by Gillard. If Coorey is having trouble putting a positive spin on the latest Rats deserting sinking ship episode, Gillard is in deep doo-doo! (**Labor And Gillard Sycophants). Only watch if you have a strong stomach and I would advise wearing gumboots to wade through all the Bullsh-t. More Maley toadying!