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Reader BarryJ on Gillard, the AWU and Labor - and the protection racket

6a0177444b0c2e970d01a73d6fdcd7970dBarryJ is a foundation supporter of this website and the cause of getting to the truth in the AWU Scandal.

He's now enjoying life in the sunshine state after a successful career as a senior business figure, working both here and in the US in household-name roles.

Barry's been a consistent source of good advice to me - and I know he's been generous with others too including MPs and journalists.

On 16 November 2013 Barry wrote to Tony Abbott and others in the LNP:

In todays Australian there are two articles on the subject of Union fraud, one by Hedley Thomas and another by Michael Smith. Both articles are in the National Affairs section. You and all your parliamentary colleagues need to read both articles, they are damning of the previous Govt and their "friends" in the Industrial Relation industry.

If there is one thing that will turn Tony Abbott's Govt into a one term wonder it is how you guys handle this issue.

Barry's a Queenslander and he knows how the Labor Party works.

For two decades two words have described the source of ALP power.

Bill. Ludwig.


Gillard, the Union and the Labor Party

Opinion - BarryJ

Rudd was ‘used’ to win the 2007 election because he was the only one acceptable to the voters. He was never going to be long term because he was not a Union man. At that stage Bill Ludwig controlled the AWU and by default the ACTU.
He knew Rudd because both are Queenslanders and he knew Rudd’s political style was needed to win the election.
He has never been a fan of Rudd.

Once they won power, formed Govt, and ran the country for a period of time it was up to the Union backed members to show who could oust Rudd and be acceptable to the voters and the Unions. Ludwig was still the party strongman and it was he who would anoint the Judas.

Ludwig knew Gillard from her days at S & G and her involvement in the AWU. If she performed with some credibility in Parliament she was a shoe in to knock Rudd out.
Because Ludwig had enough on Gillard to control her and thus control the Party.
Piggy Howes may have “had” Gillards back but Ludwig “owned” Gillard... lock stock and barrel.

When the AWU fraud hit the fan Gillard had to eventually be removed as PM because, with her in the limelight, the heavies in the Opposition and media would keep going after her. The Left media needed a reason to kill the story and get Gillard of the hook and keep her out of goal. The Left media wanted her to remain PM, she was their pin up girl, but the end result if she stayed was not palatable to them.
If she went under old Bill would have followed her down and old Bill was going to make sure he stayed afloat.
Remove Gillard and the AWU issue goes away because the Opposition and media would lose interest (which they did).
The Party was/is full of no-hopers so Rudd was their only choice to replace her. They knew they would get tossed anyway, (Abbott had taken 10 seats off them in 2010) old Bill knew it and did not want to sacrifice his real choice Wee Willy Wanker.
Albanese was not acceptable to many of the Union heavies so old Bill’s boy, Wee Willy, slipped through a crack and got the job of Opp leader.

Sadly our Politicians of all persuasions, our media both Left and Right, our Law Enforcement Agencies, our Legal system and our Judiciary have no stomach to see Gillard brought to justice to be found either guilty or not guilty of fraud.

Michael Smith has enough paper evidence to sink a ship let alone sink Gillard and Wilson but it looks like the Legal system and Judiciary have no interest in accepting it. Thus only Ralph will go to court.

We all ask why. Well, it’s all about SELF INTEREST.

The politicians are more concerned about what might be discovered about their own misdeeds of the past.
The media is dominated by socialist ideology, (even Murdoch has moved to the Left now that his sons have most of the say).
Law Enforcement appear to be influenced by their attachment to the Police Union.
Lawyers are renowned for sticking together like shit to a blanket.
Who can say what makes our Judiciary tick but they are appointed on the recommendation of a politician, the AG.

Our only hope is that Ralph’s legal team has the intestinal fortitude to fight for ALL the evidence to be produced in court in Ralph’s defence.
Let us also hope that Ralph’s legal team have the wit to use Michael Smith as a consultant so he can present ALL his evidence for them to use.