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Budget papers reveal 11% foreign aid spending boost not enough for Julie Bishop, she's on track to double it!

Julie Bishop is a pretty handy party girl.

High maintenance, expensive running costs and ideally funded by other people's money.

Here she is on budget night - thanks to The Australian.

Julie Bishop’s shindig hottest ticket in budget town

The host with the most Julie Bishop.
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It’s the golden ticket of the budget night in Canberra: an invitation to Foreign Minister Julie Bishop’s pre-budget drinks. 

“You know, it’s very competitive on budget night,” said Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull as he surveyed the billionaires, bankers, television personalities, cabinet ministers, ambassadors, fashion designers, sporting heavies and military brass squeezed into Bishop’s ministerial room.

Malcolm Turnbull at Julie Bishop’s drinks.
Malcolm Turnbull at Julie Bishop’s drinks.

“This is clearly the hot ticket. This is the party to be at,” Turnbull deadpanned.

Sure was.

There was Seven billionaire Kerry Stokes, one of the night’s big winners thanks to Scott Morrison’s $130 million licence fee relief, chatting with Danni Roche, fresh from her failed tilt to chair the Australian Olympic Committee. In this room of well-connected Liberals, Roche was a winner, whatever happened last Saturday.

Nine’s Helen McCabe and former ANZ boss and now PwC adviser Mike Smith were there when word spread about the government’s $6 billion surprise for banks — that’s ANZ’s agile chieftain Shayne Elliott’s problem now.

Mike Smith with Helen McCabe at the pre-budget shindig. Picture: Kym Smith
Mike Smith with Helen McCabe at the pre-budget shindig. Picture: Kym Smith

It made for a mixed budget for Howard minister Warwick Smith, who works for both ANZ and Stokes, to name just two of his hydra heads. A good lesson in hedging from one of Tasmania’s finest.

Virgin Australia boss John Borghettijoked with Nine’s on-air talent Richard Wilkins. Borghetti was clearly having a better day than Qantas rival Alan Joyce, who was so rudely the recipient of a cream pie in the face in Perth earlier in the day. Should have come to Bishop’s.

Bishop’s partner David Panton helped the Foreign Minister work the crowd, which included Wilkins’s former fashion designer partner Collette Dinnigan, as well as Tom Harley (once a Dragoman), the King of the Liberal moderates Michael Photios and Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman Kate Carnell.

Virgin CEO John Borghetti and Richard Wilkins at the Bishop drinks. Picture: Kym Smith
Virgin CEO John Borghetti and Richard Wilkins at the Bishop drinks. Picture: Kym Smith

Perth property developer Nigel Slattery, clearly a well-mannered sandgroper, made sure Stokes’s glass of red was topped up throughout the soiree.

The foreign policy establishment were well represented, ­including Department of Foreign Affairs boss Frances Adamson(Bishop’s key mandarin), Chinese ambassador Cheng Jingye and Japanese ambassador Sumio Kusaka.

Former head of the Australian Defence Force Angus Houston was packed in, as was chief of the Australian Army Angus Campbell, and cabinet ministers included Attorney-General George Brandis, Minister for Social Services Christian Porter, federal Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg, Minister for Defence Industry Christopher Pyne and, the man who played matchmaker between Bishop and Panton, Liberal moderate pin-up Bruce Baird, the father of the former NSW premier now chosen one at NAB, Mike Baird.


Bishop's very, very good at spending money.

Lots of it.

Bishop is responsible for our foreign aid budget.

It would be nice if she could stick to it - the budget that is.

In 2015-16 Tony Abbott put the handbrake on free money giveaways for corrupt and lazy countries.

In 2016-17 Turnbull took it off.

Turnbull increased Bishop's authorised giveaway pool from $5.47BN to $6.09BN - up by 11.3%.

Here's the table in the budget papers:

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 1.14.16 am

But six thousand and ninety million dollars wasn't enough for party girl.


According to the budget papers she's blown the $11.3% increase and is on track to give away $6.6M - an increase of more than 22%.

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 1.22.54 am

In private enterprise managers lose their jobs for that sort of reckless blowout.

But that's not going to happen for Julie with Chairman Mal's approval.

And she feels no pain when it's all funded by other people's money.

The tragedy is it's ours.  And it's going to some of the most corrupt places on earth.

I published this tragic tale of just 8 weeks in the life of the giveaway queen a couple of weeks ago.


Turnbull/Bishop hand out $500M new overseas aid in past 8 weeks - make Rudd/Gillard look responsible

Turnbull bishop

There's no shortage of feel-good money in Canberra.

That is money to make Turnbull or Bishop feel good.

More than $500M in feel-good money - in just the past 8 weeks.

Were you told we'd be handing out gifts like this?

Who said Iraq should get an extra $110M?  Or Yemen $10M?  Or Afghanistan a whopping $240M?

These people are worse than Rudd and Gillard - at least with Labor irresponsible spending is to be expected.

Half a billion new dollars - in just 8 weeks!!!!!?????

When did we decide to build a new education system for Myanmar ($71M) or add $40M to The Philippines Islamic system in the autonomous region of Mindanao?

$10M for gender equality, a few million for anti-terror pamphlets - and those hundreds of new millions for the bosses of Iraq and Afghanistan to launder.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 2.17.04 am

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 2.27.47 am